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Visiting Educational Support & Speaker Service




Each session is age appropriate and can be tailored to suit the learning level of students.

A live observation hive can be brought along (no flying bees prior notice is needed)

For older students a power point presentation is available with bee facts Q+A sessions.



  • We can supply a work sheet  of amazing bee facts (assessment to learning) with a labelled bee body diagram for younger children to name and colour in.

  • Samples of wax comb, pollen and propolis and the 'bee' game about food pollination.

  • An observation hive with live bees is available at certain times of the year,  students can view a working colony, with a queen, worker bees and drones, eggs, larvae, honey, pollen etc(Completely secure no flying bees!)

  • Schools can Adopt a hive and run a class or school competition, the prize is a student and teacher  can visit the hive, see inside and make a video report for your class or school.


Mobile observation hive

City Bees offer  a  free visiting   education service  to local schools & colleges in Plymouth Devon.

We do not have a charge for this, but as we are a voluntary, 'not  for  profit  organisation' and  survive through  support  from donations, any contribution is welcome, if however  you would like us to visit and are truly unable to support  our  work we  will  still  be  happy  to  come.

St Josephs School 2
Finding the queen
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