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City Bees

01752 516619

Beekeeper For A Day Experience

And Visit A Bee Hive

If you love bees or are thinking of keeping bees we can provide two different opportunities to learn more.

Either come along for a half day or a full day  BEEKEEPER EXPERIENCE COURSE and learn about the many different aspects of this ancient craft with a visit to a live hive.


Or come along for just a couple of hours to do the VISIT A BEEHIVE and find the queen, drones and workers. ( protective suits and gloves provided, children welcome over 8yrs)


Visit a Bee Hive includes a talk about life inside a hive and some safety information on how to behave around bees. Children must be 8 yrs and over( or large enough to fit our children's all in one suits) under 16 must be accompanied by a supervising adult, personalised gift vouchers are available.

Please ask questions we love them.


Cost per adult is £25-00

Adult and one child is £40

Adult and two children £55

The Beekeeper Experience day starts at 10am and finishes at 1pm (if a half day) or 4-30pm for the full day, refreshments.( Please bring your Wellies)




10.00 am Welcome, Introduction & Coffee

10.30 am Do's and Dont's of Beekeeping & the importance of bees.

11.00 am Life in the hive Queens workers and Drones.

12.00 am Working Hive inspection and equipment ( weather dependent).

1.00 pm  Lunch

1.30 pm  Diseases & pests; (Varroa) swarming and its control.

2.00 pm  Hive types, wax, foundation & frames.

3.00 pm  Feeding bees.

3.30 pm  Honey, Wax & Mead, its history & tasting session.

4.30 pm  Finish






If you are interested  in making a booking for Level 1 or you would like to buy this as a gift and would like a personalised voucher please call Plymouth 01752 516619



Vouchers are sent by first class post, please let me have the name of the recipient and your message. 

Half day  Beekeeper Experience £45


Full day  Beekeeper Experience £90


Refreshemts are provided, please bring a pack lunch if doing the full days course.

All experiences start at 10am, if you require a later start, ie travelling from further a field, please ask.


Booking availablity is shown on the Dates Page  but must be booked by phone or email me please, subject to available spaces and the weather.

Full day experience 10am until 4-30pm and 30 minutes for lunch.


You will be provided with beekeeping suits and gloves, but please bring Wellington boots and wear lightweight long sleeved shirt and full length trousers.


Please note, no one has been stung to date, and we want everyone to be able to participate in the live hive visit. However if you are aware of a hyper sensitivity to bee stings it  must be entirely at your own discretion to participate in the live hive visit. If you use an Epi-pen please make us aware and have it to hand.


All participants  will be asked to complete a short health and liability disclaimer to ensure its is safe for you to visit the bees and you accept the risk..

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