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Bee Quiz  and Answers

Have a go at these bee facts questions,  See how much you already know before you look up the answers.


answers at the bottom of the page   Good Luck


1. How many different types of bee are there in the UK ?  

a)  26  

b) 100

c)  700


2. How many miles do you think bees fly to make one jar of honey ?

a) 100               

b) 50,000    

c) 10,000    


3) How many flowers do  bees  visit to make one jar of honey? (up to)

a) 2,000,000        

b) 100,000            

c) 25,000


4) Why are bees important for people ?

a) they are interesting to watch

b) without bees there wouldn’t be enough food for people.

c) they make us honey to eat


5) What do bees eat ?

a) honey  

b) pollen    

c) sugar


6) What does the queen bee do?

a) lays eggs

b) makes honey    

c) guards the hive


7)What sounds can queen bees make?

a) pipe

b) buzz

c) quack


8) How long can a queen bee live for

a) 5 years

b) 3 years

c) 1 year  


9) How many eggs can a queen bee lay each day in summer?

a) 2,000

b) 200    

c) 20,000


10) How many bees could there be in a hive in summer ?

a) 20,000    

b) 60,000    

c) 5,000


11) How do bees talk to each other ?

a) they buzz

b) they dance

c) they give off a smell


12) Why are our bees dying in the UK?

a) Varroa Mites suck bees blood weakening them and giving them diseases

b) People using insecticides and pesticides on crop and plants which kill bees

c) There are not enough different types of crop in the countryside.

Answers to Bee Fact Quiz


1)  C ; 290+  types of bee, 1 honey bee, 22- 25 bumble bee types and 270+ solitary bees like mining and masonry bees


2)  B ; 50,000 miles depends on how  dense and close the source of nectar is situated.


3)  A; up to  2,000,000 visits to flowers


4)  B  Without bees there wouldn't be enough food for people, bees pollinate the flowers of vegetables, fruit, oil seeds like sunflower and rape seeds and nut trees, Cereal crops are wind pollinated and potaotoes are grown from last years tubers. To replace bees we would have to develope mechanical or hand pollinating techniques.


5)  A,B + C Honey which they store to eat during the winter and gives them energy, Pollen is used to feed to the larvae and is protein. Sugar is given by beekeepers in syrup form in the autumn to suppliment bees winter stors or in the spring to help them draw out the foundation comb


6)  A Lays Eggs


7)  A + C an emerging queen from her brood cell will pipe or quack to other emerging queens  telling them shes coming to get them.


8)  A up to 5 years is long life, some queens have even been know to live for 8 years.


9)  A  3,000


10)  B upto 60,000 in the height of summer.


11) A + C worker bees do the waggle dance telling other bees which direction and how far the source of food is, queen bees give off a scent which stop female worker bees from also laying eggs,


12) A, B + C the varroa mite weakens bee colonies making them more susceptible to diseases.

Systemic insecticide used by farmers kill the larval stage of bees and growing large areas of one crop  means bees have a limited diet,  a bit like us eating only burgers for a month.


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